What is SmartRideshare's SchoolPool Module about?

Congestion at schools is a real problem today as many parents drive to drop their child at school. A parent that hasn't discovered sustainable modes such as carpool, bike and walk is not likely to choose those modes for their commute as well. The transportation choices made by parents today influence children and the future choices they will make. 

With SmartRideshare, you can help parents in choosing sustainable transportation and help reduce local congestion at schools. SmartRideshare provides parents the tools to find carpools, bike partners and walk partners for their children. These modes are linked with better air quality, exercise and health benefits and more. As children engage in sustainable modes, the system shows them  benefits of these modes. This can motivate the child and the parent to keep engaging in sustainable modes of transportation. The positive impact on transportation choices made by these children now is only limited by our imagination. Surprisingly, the positive influence that this engagement brings with the child can rub off on the parent and in turn affect commute choices made by the parent becoming a complete win-win scenario.




Walk and Bike Partners

Increase safety associated with travel to school by encouraging walking in groups by or ride the bicycles in groups. This can also help accompanying parents take turns instead of going every day. 


Educate and Influence

Educate children on their transportation choices and the effects of those choices on the wallet, on health and the environment.


reduce Local Congestion And Rush Hour At Schools

Carpool matching helps parents find other parents nearby so the children could go together and the parents could take turns in dropping their children to school.  This can also free up more time for parents as they only drive select days of the week.