Engage employees

Whether you know it or not, as an employer, you are in the commute business. Provide a comprehensive commuter portal to your employees that empowers them with information and services to simplify their commute. 


Help employees discover options for their commute

Help employees connect with colleagues for carpooling and vanpooling.  Enable employees to find public transit options and first/last mile options such as scooters and bike sharing. 


Manage commuter services efficiently

Do you give out transit passes to employees? Do you issue parking permits? Do you provide services such as emergency ride home? SmartRideshare can act as a hub so employees can access all these services through one system.


Measure impact

Employees can record their commute trips as bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, public transit etc. The data collected provides modal impact including emission savings (CO2), monetary savings ($), trip reduction metrics and more.   Use impact metrics to demonstrate leadership and responsibility towards the environment and sustainability.


Influence - Promote sustainable modes

Set up and manage incentives for using alternative modes. Recognize employees on leaderboards for making sustainable commuting choices.


Achieve your goals with commuter transportation

Reduce parking demand? Provide mobility options? Improve employee retention by improving employee commute? Demonstrate leadership and responsibility towards the environment? Talk to us about your goals and find out if we can help.

What is SmartRideshare?

SmartRideshare combines ride matching, multi-modal trip log calendar, web-based incentive management and commute services such as emergency ride home into an one integrated system. This means your employees do not have to visit different sites – one system caters to all their ride matching needs and related services.

Apart from enjoying great services such as high precision ride matching, your employees will be happy to see your organization taking steps to reduce emissions and congestion and be an environmentally responsible business. The administration capabilities for managing the program can help you simplify and reduce efforts for incentive management, outreach, commute services such as guaranteed ride home and built in program reporting.